Introducing the Epicorum

On this crisp autumn morning (at least for us in the Pacific Northwest), we would like to introduce all those Epicor (and Activant) users to the Epicorum: an independently-run online bulletin board for discussion and support of all things Epicor. Jump in, introduce yourself, and start asking questions!

Epicorum Goals

We’ll refine these as we go, but here’s what we’re trying to accomplish:

  • Open, free, and shared discussion, collaboration, questions and answers regarding Epicor software. Activant products are welcome to be discussed here as well.
  • Web-searchable. Google and their struggling competitors should be able to index this content for easy retrieval for everyone.
  • Organized content. We’ve broken things down into a few categories to help facilitate the discussion. If we need more, fewer, or different sub-forums, we’re open for discussion on that as well.
  • Continued cooperation with existing support tools. we realize that this may be yet another Epicor support site, however my hope is that the Epicorum will provide some options that will supplement what’s already established. We have the utmost respect for the individuals that have gone before and will continue to provide excellent assistance to others. We have no intention to replace the other sites, but will gladly point someone in the most suitable direction known to get an answer.
  • Rich-text posts. Inline images, attachments, links, syntax highlighting. All in an effort to improve the quality of the content.

Epicorum Requests

  • Users. We need users like you to join up and make the community. There is no membership cost, and all are welcome.
  • Moderators. Starting something new is hard work. If any of you feel up to the challenge of helping manage the influx of people and ideas, please let us know in the Site & Forum Discussion section.
  • Blog writers. When the blog section of the site gets rolling, we’d love to have people submit articles for publication on the site. Got the itch to do some writing?
  • Heritage Epicor and Heritage Activant product head-knowledge. We know little-to-nothing about Epicor products prior to Vantage 8, but we trust that there are plenty of knowledgeable people in these areas. Let yourselves be known!

We’re excited, and we hope you are too. We welcome constructive criticism of our site as it grows, but as was mentioned before, please be respectful of the other sites and folks that work hard answering questions. We’re all in this together!